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After being on AOL's free webspace for many years, AOL suddenly discontinued giving members webspace, so now I've been forced to move to my own domain to store this site. So I've given the site a little make-over and moved it here... though I can't promise how often I'll be making updates to the site. I currently am the National Project Coordinator for Genealogy Trails History Group, as well as hosting the Coles, Jasper, Kane and Cook County, Illinois sites there, which doesn't leave me a lot of free time to do my own family's genealogy!

On these pages, I've included census information, obituaries, land, and cemetery information for my Hicks family and the related families of Wright, Hinton, Thompson, Linthicum, Hensley, Jarrett and Skaggs.

Information on these pages also includes other non-related Hicks folks, as well as non-Hicks surnames who were in the same place at the same time as my family. For further non-Hicks Jasper County, Illinois and Coles County, Illinois research, visit my Illinois Genealogy Trails websites. To review my ggg-gf Ellis Hicks' family available information, click here.

Much of the information you find here was used in my own personal research and these are excerpts and abstracts.  


North Carolina - Hix only


Federal Census - Index to Hicks Heads of Households of all states

North Carolina 1790 Federal Census - - Hicks/Hix

South Carolina Census Index - Hix


Kentucky 1800 Census Index - Hix

North Carolina 1800 Census Index - Hix


Virginia 1810 Census Index - Hicks & Hix

North Carolina 1810 Census Index - Hix

Kanawha County, West VA - Hicks


North Carolina 1815-1818 Tax Lists - Hix


Kentucky Census Index - Hicks/Hix

Kanawha County, West VA - Hicks

North Carolina 1820 Census Index - Hix

South Carolina Census Index - Hix

Tennessee 1820 (& earlier yrs) Index - Hix

Virginia 1820 Census Index - Hicks/Hix


Kentucky 1830 Census Index - Hicks/Hix & surrounding surnames

Illinois 1830 Census Index - Hicks

Kanawha County, WV - Hicks

North Carolina 1830 Census Index - Hix

South Carolina Census Index - Hix

Tennessee 1830 Census Index - Hix

Virginia 1830 Census Index - Hicks/Hix


1840 Illinois Census Index - Hicks

Kentucky 1840 Census Index - Hicks/Hix & surrounding surnames

Kanawha County, West VA - Hicks

North Carolina 1840 Census Index - Hix

Coles County, Illinois Census Excerpts

Tennessee 1840 Census Index- Hix

Virginia 1840 Census Index - Hicks/Hix


Kanawha County, West VA - Hicks

Coles County, Illinois Census Excerpts

Jasper County, Illinois Census Excerpts

Vermilion County, Illinois 1850 Census Excerpt for Hinton & Linthicum

Kentucky 1850 Census Index - Hix

North Carolina 1850 Census Index - Hix

South Carolina 1850 Census Index - Hix

Tennessee 1850 Census Index- Hix

Virginia 1850 Census Index - Hicks/Hix

West Virginia: 1850 Census Index - Hicks


Jasper County, Illinois State Census Excerpt for 1855


Jasper County, Illinois Census Excerpts

Kentucky 1860 Census Index - Hix

North Carolina 1860 Census Index - Hix

South Carolina 1860 Census Index - Hix

Tennessee 1860 Census Index- Hix

Virginia 1860 Census Index - Hicks/Hix

West Virginia: 1860 Census Index - Hicks & Hix


Jasper County, Illinois Census Excerpts

Vermilion County 1870 Census Excerpt for Hinton & Linthicum

Kentucky 1870 Index - Hix

North Carolina 1870 Index - Hix

Virginia 1870 Index - Hicks/Hix

West Virginia 1870 Index - Hicks & Hix

1890 Schedules

North Carolina Veterans Schedule - Hix

South Carolina 1890 Veterans Schedule - Hix

Tennessee 1890 Special Schedules- Hix

Property Tax Lists

Births/Christenings/ Baptisms

VA/West VA Births & Christenings for all counties - Hicks

Shenandoah County, VA Births & Baptisms - Non-Hicks

Church Records

Hickses listed in Virginia Church Registers and other Virginia church documents



VA/West VA Marriages - All counties

Rockingham County, VA Marriages - Marriages from 1798-1800 & 1805-1807 (This includes 1 Hicks and many other surnames)

Summers County, WV Marriage Records for Hicks and many other miscellaneous surnames.

Georgia Marriage Records - Hicks

Georgia HICKS/HIX data - miscellaneous wills, marriages, land, etc.

Granville County, North Carolina: Hicks Marriage Bonds

North Carolina Hicks marriages from miscellaneous counties

Kentucky Hicks Marriages (including Bracken County)

Clark County, Illinois Marriages - Hicks

Jasper County, Illinois Marriages (Hicks, Hinton, Wright, Thompson) & many other surnames

Vermilion County, Illinois Marriages for "L" Surname - includes Linthicum

Kane County, Illinois Marriages for Hicks

Coles County, Illinois HICKS Marriages & other items

Georgia HICKS/HIX data - miscellaneous wills, marriages, land, etc.


VA Wills Index - Hicks

North Carolina Wills
Hicks Wills from 1711-1800

Deaths & Cemetery listings

Kanawha County, WV Death Index
- Hicks

Putnam County, WV - A Page of the 1854 Death Register for miscellaneous surnames, including Hicks

Putnam County, WV - A Page of the 1874 Death Register - Hicks & other surnames

Summers County, WV - Deaths from 1872-1928 - Hicks & other surnames
Jasper County, Illinois: Kerns Cemetery Index (my Hicks family is buried here)

Vermilion County, IL Cemetery Listings for Hinton, Hix & other surnames
Vermilion County, IL Death Listings for Hinton and Hicks

Chicago, IL Police Dept. Homicide Record Index

Cook County, IL Coroner's Inquest Record Index

Kentucky Hicks Deaths only 2 names so far :-(

Virginia Hicks Deaths only 1 name so far

Hicks Revolutionary War Pensioners living in Kentucky

Montgomery County, VA/WV Court Records for Hicks Surname

Hanover County, VA Miscellaneous Hicks Records

North Carolina Bastardy Bonds - Hicks

Virginia/West VA Hicks Land Grants

Bracken County, KY Land Grants - No Hicks

Kentucky Northern Neck Grants & Surveys

Illinois Public Domain Land Tract Sales
for Hix Surname

War of 1812 Bounty Land Grants in the Illinois Military Tract
Jasper County, Illinois - Grove Township (My Hicks family and surrounding neighbors)

Biographical Info. on some VA/West VA Hicks Folks

Hicks in early Augusta County, VA

Hicks in early Botetourt County, VA

Indian Attacks in the New River Settlement in which Hicks were involved

Early Illinois Settlers (Hicks and many other surnames)

"List of Patrons" of the Bracken County, KY 1884 Atlas (No Hickses). Lists names, acreage owned, town, occupation, place of birth and date settled in Bracken county.

Miscellaneous records for Hicks/Hix Folks in Coles or Jasper County, IL

Early Forts (includes Kentucky Hickses)


Hicks Men in the Virginia Colonial Militia (1651-1776)

Revolutionary War Information

War of 1812 Data

Pension Lists - Hickses Listed in government publications and other books as receiving pensions

Civil War Data

Spanish-American War Data

Ellis Hicks' Family Information

Background on my ggg-gf Ellis Hicks:

Ellis, for some unknown reason, thought that he was born in Georgia around 1794.  All indications are that he was born in West Virginia.  However, I've found too many documents that say Georgia on them to ignore the possibility. He definitely died in Jasper County, Illinois in 1866 and is buried in Kern's Cemetery, next to his wife Mary Ann Story.

I WAS pretty sure that Ellis Hicks was the son of William and Hannah (Garrad/Jarrett) Hicks who were married in Greenbrier County, West Virginia in 1783.  I have absolutely no written proof of that (the birth part - not the marriage part). I am now leaning toward the possibility that William and Hannah were NOT Ellis' parents because of the Georgia birthplace problem and the fact that William and Hannah seemed pretty much planted in Greenbrier/Kanawha, West Virginia. The travellings of Richard Hicks and his wife Jane Skaggs would seem to make them much more likely to be Ellis' father. Richard is known to have been to at least Kentucky in the early 1800's before making his way back to West Virginia. The fact that Ellis did not name any of his children Richard or Jane, but did name 2 of his children after William and Hannah Hicks says something - I'm just not sure what! Did they have infants who perhaps died early on that they named Richard and/or Jane? Just another mystery to add to the collection.

Related Families Data:

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