Hicks Genealogy
1784 Greenbrier County, WV

Personal Property Tax List

Miscellaneous Surnames

The original list has 2 "Name" columns across. I've retained the original order, but am not including the Polls, Slaves, Horses, Cattles and something I can't read that looks like "Sis" - nobody has any of those anyway. Unless otherwise noted, everyone has 1 poll.

A note of interest - this list not only enumerates the slaves, but actually gives their names. And .... there's only one Hicks on this list, William, and he apparently is not over 21 yet.

James Miller

Joseph Edwards

John Alderson

William Fullerton

Michl. Swobe

James McCoy - 0

John Swobe

William Jones

John Lakins

John Patton

David Jerritt

Jane McCoy

James Graham

Francis Ford

Peter Butler

John Blake

John Butler

William Blake

Isaac Tylore

Thomas Cooper

Adam Barnes

Theophilus Blake

William Davis

Charles Howard

John Vanbebber (had 2 slaves)

John Mcfarren

Isaac Bellanger

Andrew McFarran

Peter Vanbebber

John Piper

Jams Fitzpatrick

John Kearns

Richd Johnston

James Kearns

George Alderson - 0

James Flinn

William Hicks - 0

David McCoy

Owen Ellis

David Williams

Saml Huffa

Andrew Donnally (had 9 slaves)

James Davis

Patrick Murphey

Henson McDowell

Joseph McClung (had 1 slave "Bob")

John Sea

Thomas Cooper

Moses Wallis

James Donnally

William Griffith

John Flinn

Peter Vanbebber Jnr

Renicks C. - 0

John Scaggs

William Lockridge


Ezkl. Boggs

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