Hicks Genealogy

1786 Greenbrier County, WV

Tax List

Miscellaneous Surnames

I've retained the original order, but am not including the Polls, Slaves, Horses, Cattles and something I can't read that looks like "Neats" that everybody has a lot of. Unless otherwise noted, everyone has 1 poll (which I assume to be free white males over 21).

There is only 1 Hicks on this list - William.

Peter Shoemaker

 John Kinkead

 Simon Shoemaker

Saml. Kinkead 

 Jonathan Windsor

Simon Cooper 

William Mon__ Jr.  (2 Polls)

Francis Fisher 

 John Hardy

John Griffith 

David Humphreys 

John Keensy 

William T__gg 

David Keensy 

John Wilson (2 Polls)

Michl. Keensy 

Leonard Cooper 

David Thomas 

Saml. McClung 

John Osborn Senr (2 Polls)

John Chambers 

John Osborn Jr 

Richard Mullen 

 Joseph Claypoole

Wilson Lewis 

Stephen Jones 

Thomas Carraway  (2 Polls)

Peter Lakins 

John Counor? 

James Kitchen 

William Hamilton 

William T___ister 

Thomas Cooper 

Ma_es Hall 

Abner Cooper 

Thomas Beal 

John Kippers 

David Jarratt 

James S__oud 

John See 

Charles OHara 

William Hicks 

John Viney 

Saml. Salens? 

James Butler 

James Graham 

William Long 

John Scaggs 

James Claypool 

Thomas Scaggs 

Richard Humphreys 

Richard Scaggs 

William Griffith (2 Polls)

Elijah Bredin 

James Patterson (2 Polls)

Bailey Wood 

James Jarratt

John Corder

Jesse Jarratt

Robert Chambers

Peter Van Bebber

John Bolan

George See

John Stephens

James Alexander

Richard Whitman (2 Polls)

Thomas Kinkead

Saml. Dunbar


Thomas Griffith

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