Hicks Genealogy

Index to War of 1812 Service Records

for Hicks Volunteer Soldiers from Georgia

Roll #98:

Hicks, Absalom, Alexander's Batt'n Riflemen, Pvt

Hicks, Amos, 2, Thomas', Pvt

Hicks, Anderson, 1, Harris', Pvt

Hicks, Daniel, 2, Thomas' Pvt

Hicks, Frederick, 1, Harris', Pvt

Hicks, Frederick, 4, Booth's, Pvt

Hicks, Harris, Capt. Thomas' Co., Pvt

Hicks, Harrison, Freeman's Squad. Cav., Pvt

Hicks, James, 3, Few's, Pvt

Hicks, James K., 4, Booth's, Pvt

Hicks, John, Capt. Thomas' Co., Art'y, Pvt

Hicks, John H., 4, Booth's, Pvt

Hicks, Mark, 3, Few's, Pvt

Hicks, Thomas, 2, Jenkins', GA Vols. and Mil., Pvt

Hicks, William, 2, Jenkins', GA Vols., and Mil., Pvt

Hicks, Zepheniah, 3, Wimberly's, Pvt

Source: "Index to War of 1812 Service Records for Volunteer Soldiers from Georgia", abstracted by Judy Swaim Kratovil.

Unfortunately, I was so short of time on my last research trip that I didn't find out what the #'s stood for in the list. My bad . . . . . The names after the numbers are most likely the names of the commanders of the companies.

As I understand it, the above folks have service records which can be requested through the National Archives using NATF Form 80. The author also suggests that pension applications and bounty land warrants may be available for these folks - using a separate NATF Form 80 for each type of record request naturally.

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