Hicks Genealogy

Hix/Hicks Surname

Information transcribed by Virgil D. White, 1989

(female names after the male names are the wife/widow who applied for or received a pension under their husband's name)

HICKS, Able, S0-27911, srv Capt George Sarver's or Larver's or Tarver's Co TN Mu

Abram, SC-15100, srv Capt Israel Holmes' Co NY Mil

Absalom or Absalom Hix, Christena (Matheny) WC-18178, SC-14753, m 7 May 1826 Roane Cty TN sd 1 May 1877 Fannin Cty TX, wd about 1897, srv Capt Sandridge's Co GA Mil as a Pvt, wid lived Fannin Cty TX 1878 & Collins Cty TX 1887

Amzi, S0-15641, srv Capt David Matthews' Co NY Mil as a Pvt

Archibald, no pension, srv Capt Allen's Co TN Mu as a Pvt, BLW #s 40170-80-50 & 19636-80-55

Asa, Old War IF-#15064 Rej, srv Capt Elkins' Co in Regt US Vols as a Pvt

Benjamin, Jane (McBane) WC-322, m 22 Nov 1814 Gallia Cty OH, sd 14 Apr 1845, wd about 1876, srv Capt Robinson's Co VA Mu as a Pvt, wid lived Meigs Cty OH 1852-71

Benjamin or Benjamin Hix, Clarissa, WC-27990, srv Capt William Taylor's Co VA Mil as Pvt

Benjamin A., Old War IF-#15065 Rej, srv Capt Long's Co 16th Regt VA Mu as a Pvt

Benjamin or Benjamin Hix, SC-17279, srv Capt Smith Elkins' Co 12 months Vols & Capt Bailey Bodwell's Co 45th US Inf as a Pvt

Benjamin A., Sarah B. (Sale) WC-12843, m 10 Nov 1835 Caroline Cty VA, sd 22 Apr 1861 Rich mond VA, wd about 1890, srv Capt Long's VA Mu, lived Spotsylvania Cty VA 1852-5, widow lived Richmond VA 1878

Charles, SC-17073, srv Capt George W. Camp's Co VA Mil as a Pvt

David or David Hix, Elizabeth M., WC-32737, srv Capt William Taylor's 18th Regt US Inf

Drury or Drury Hix, Sophia, WC-28167, srv Capt Hewett's Co VA Mil

Ephraim, Phebe, WC-25600, SC-23936, srv Capt Wm B. Hamlin's Co NY Mil as a Pvt

Gardner, Rebecca, no pension, srv Capt Swift's Co NY Mil as a Pvt, BLW #107225-160-55

George, SC-24696, srv Capt Edward Brewer's Co MA Mu as a Musician

Gilbert, SC-5049, srv Capt John Smith's & Capt Love's Co's NY Mil as a Pvt

Gilbert, Old War IF-#15066 Rej, srv Capt Love's Co NY Mil as a Pvt

Henry Queen or Queen Hicks, W0-44903, srv Capt John Goodbread's Co NC Mil

Hillyard, Caroline, WC-21877, SC-8377, srv Capt Samuel Hopkins' Co 2nd US Dragoons as Pvt

Isaac, Sarah L. (Walker) WC-2617, m 11 Oct 1812 Blount Cty TN, Sd 1850 Monroe Cty TN, wd 23 Apr 1877, srv Capt Buchanan's Co TN Mil, wid lived Monroe Cty TN 1855-71

Isaac, or Isaac Hids, Ann, WC-24871, srv Capt Wiley Huddleson's Co TN Mil as a Pvt

Isaac, SC-16911, srv Capt Hezekiah Barnes' Co VT Mu as a Pvt

Israel, Sally (Stillings) WC-614, m 1 Dec 1813 or 14 Bartlett NH, sd 6 or 24 May 1865 in Lancaster NH, wd about 1880, srv Capt D.C. Burr's Co NH Mil as a Pvt, lived Lancaster NH

James, SC-23347, srv Capt James Willis' Co GA Mil as a Pvt

James, Old War IF-#26144, srv Capt Price's Co KY Mil as a Pvt

James or James Hix, Clarissa, WC-22632, srv Capt James C. Price's Co KY Mil as a Pvt

James, Elizabeth S. (Wight) 2nd wife, WC-15195, m 9 Jan 1843 Cumberland Cty ME, sd 13 Jan 1866 Portland ME, wd about 1880, srv Capt P. Pride's Co MA Mil as a Pvt, wid lived Port-land ME 1870-8, 1st wife was Sophia (Stevens)

James, Hannah (Tappen) WC-11515, m 8 Jun 1824 Oyster Bay NY, sd 6 Apr 1856, srv Capt James McQueen's Co NY Mil as a Pvt, wid lived Queen's Cty NY 1870-87

James, Sarah (Weeks) (1st h Hicks) 2nd wife, WC-16245, m 3 Sep 1835 Fishkill NY, sd 24 Dec 1865, wd prior to 17 Jun 1884, srv Capt D. Travis' Co NY Mil as a Drummer, lived La Grange NY 1850-5, wid lived Eaton Cty MI 1878, 1st wife Keziah (Stillwell)

James, Sarah, WC-32548, srv Capt George Argenbright's Co TN Mil as a Pvt

James, Old War IF-#15102 Rej, srv Capt Richardson's Co 2nd Regt VA Vols as a Pvt

James, SC-2815, srv Capt James H. Campbell's Co 24th US Inf as a Pvt

Jeremiah, Polly (Williams) WC-6233, m 6 Sep 1810, sd 1834 Franklin Cty VA, srv Capt W. Jones' Co VA Mu as a Pvt, wid lived Franklin Cty VA 1854-73

John, Old War IF-#20789, srv Capt Week's Co 11th US Inf as a Pvt

John, SC-22549, srv Capt Ralph R. Phelps' Co NY Mu as a Pvt

John, Betsy, WC-25824, SC-24764, srv Capt Bestor Pierce's Co NY Mil as 1st Sgt

John, SC-5053, srv Capt John R. Miflin's Co PA Mil as a Pvt

John, Margaret, Old War WF-#15071 Rej, srv Capt Bigg's Co TN Mn as a Pvt

John, Elizabeth, Old War WF-#11299, srv as a Pvt in VA Mil

John, Frances, W0-5507, srv Capt John Botkin's Co VA Mil

John, Rebecca, S0-29525, srv Capt Christopher Brown's Co VA Mil

John, Nancy (Hamly) WC-5326, m 28 Mar 1805 Russell Cty VA, sd 1 Jan 1857, srv Capt Caidwell's & Capt G.W. Camp's Co's VA Mil as a Pvt, wid lived Russell Cty VA 1858-71

John, SC-11055, srv Capt Smith Elkins', Capt B. Bodwell's & Lt White's Co's US Vols

John, Charlotte, W0-22935, srv Capt John W. Weeks' Co 11th US Inf

John G., Mary, WC-22618, SC-4852, srv Capt John Bonnett's Co VA Mil as a Pvt

John H., SC-11315, srv Capt Jett Thomas' & Capt Gains Thompson's Co's GA Mu

John H., Old War IF-#26145, srv Capt Welch's Co VA Mil as a Pvt

Johnson, Nancy (Cook) WC-28721, srv Capt Wm Chishoim's & Capt R. Whartenby's Co's 8th US Inf later 7th US Inf, srv as a Sgt

Lawson, Eleanor, W0-7885, srv Capt John Fleming's Co NY Mil

Lemuel, Lucy (Evarts) WC-8349, m 30 Apr 1816 Ontario Cty NY, sd 19 Sep 1852 Bristol NY, wd 7 Apr 1884, srv Capt William Hamblin's Co NY Mil wid lived Ontario Cty NY 1853-78

Levi, SC-8299, srv Capt H. Barnes' Co VT Mu as a Pvt

Oliver, Sally, WC-26584, S0-5684 Rej, srv Capt Durfee's, Capt Calvin's & Capt Poppin's Co's NY Mu as a Pvt

Pascal, Lucy (Hall) WC-2090, m 29 Apr 1807 Brunswick Cty VA, sd 3 May 1853, wd 21 Apr 1873, srv Capt William Palmer's Co VA Mu as an Ensign, wid lived Brunswick Cty VA 1871

Philip, SC-7014, srv Capt Herman Sawyer's Co NY Mu as a Sgt

Queen or Henry Queen Hicks, Charlote, W0-44903, srv Capt John Goodbread's Co NC Mu

Reuben, Nancy, WC-31712, srv Capt Christopher Brown's Co VA Mil as a Pvt

Reuben, Nancy, WC-29476, SC-6983, srv Capt John Hammond's Co VA Mu as a Pvt

Richard, no pension, srv as Seaman on USS "Constitution" in USN, no BLW or Pension #s

Richard, Mary, WC-21520, srv Capt F.E. Walker's Co 35th US Inf as a Pvt

Riley, S0-24453, srv Capt Cook's Co GA Mu as a Pvt

Robert, Margaret (Aycock) WC-1340, m Aug 1812 Rolesville NC, sd 12 Mar 1869 Wake Forest College NC, wd 7 Feb 1873, srv Capt John Bell's Co NC Mu, wid lived Wake Cty NC 1871

Samuel, Fannie (Cox) WC-2857, in 20 Jun 1813 Fayette Cty KY, sd 6 Apr 1861, wd 27 Nov 1882 srv Capt John Hamilton's Co KY Mu as a Pvt, wid lived Grant Cty KY 1871

Samuel, Nancy, W0-1723, srv capt Vanderzee's Co NY Mu

Stephen, Mary, W0-10128, srv Capt Thorne's Co NY Mil

Stephen, Elizabeth (Losea) WC-5489, m 10 Jan 1809 Hempstead NY, sd 10 Nov 1842, srv Capt Chesseman's Co NY Mil as a Pvt, wid lived Queens Cty NY 1856-73

Stephen, Hannah, WC-27614, srv Capt Martin's Co TN Nil as a Pvt

Thomas or Thomas J. Hix

Thomas, S0-19003, srv Capt Ezra Nott's Co NY Nil as a Pvt

Thomas, SC-21078, srv Capt Daniel Thurston's, Capt E. Knott's & Capt Cook's Co's NY Mil

Thomas, Sally E., W0-25370, srv Capt Philip Bryon 's Co VA Mu as a Pvt

Thomas S. or Thomas Hicks, Anna A. (Bradford) WC-13870, in 30 Jul 1823 Scott Cty KY, sd 12 Oct 1870 Spotsylvania Cty VA, wd prior to 26 Jul 1884, srv Capt Quarles' & Capt Long's Co's VA Mu as a Pvt, wid lived Spotsylvania Cty VA 1878

Vines, SC-15449, srv Capt James Tunnell's Co TN Mu as a Pvt

Washington, SC-5250, srv Capt Francis Moore's Co VA Mu as a Pvt

Weston J., Lydia W. (Herrick) WC-20080, m 16 Jul 1820 NY NY, sd 29 Oct 1863 Esopus NY, wd 24 Jan 1879, srv Capt Sidney Dale's Co NY Mil, wid lived Ulster Cty NY 1878-9

Weth, see case of Wyatt Hicks, WC-24230, srv Capt Wm Chisholm's Co 8th US Inf

William, Old War IF-#15067 Rej, srv Capt Strother's Co as a Pvt

William or William Hix, Rebecca (Alcorn) WC-4797, in 12 Jan 1815 Fayette Cty KY, sd 12 Mar 1868 Gallatin Cty KY, wd 17 Jul 1875, srv Capt Wyatt's Co KY Mil as a Pvt, wid lived in Gallatin Cty KY 1871

William, SC-13522, srv Capt Wm Denyse's Co NY Mu as a Pvt

William, Nabby (Younglove) WC-13430, S0-1315 Rej, in 24 Feb 1816 Saratoga Cty NY, Sd 23 Sep 1877 Penfield MI, srv Capt S. Hawley's Co NY Mil as a Pvt, lived Calhoun Cty MI 1850-71, wid lived Penfield ME 1878

William, Elenor Leisure, W0-7156, srv Capt Wm Taylor's Co SC Mil as a Pvt

William, SC-13047, srv Capt John Slatton's Co TN Mil as a Pvt

William, Margaret (Hensy) WC-6803, m 1806 Sevier Cty TN, sd 26 Dec 1852 Massac Cty IL, wd 4 Dec 1876, srv Capt John Trimble's Co TN Mu as a Sgt, lived Hancock Cty AL 1850, wid lived Johnson Cty IL 1856 & Prentiss Cty MS 1875

William or William Hix, Susan (Clements) WC-6772, SC-2233, m 13 Aug 1811 Randolph Cty NC, Sd 29 May 1875 Claiborne Cty TN, srv Capt George Strother's Co 10th US Inf as a Pvt, wid lived Caliborne Cty TN 1876

William or William Hix

Wyatt, Malinda, WC-24230, srv Capt William Chishoim's Co 8th US Inf

HIX, Absalom or Absalom Hicks

Achilles, Harriet (Jenkins) 2nd wife, WC-12366, SC-6623, m 19 May 1844 Fayette Cty VA, sd 17 Mar 1874 Putnam Cty W VA, wd 29 Apr 1895, srv Capt M. McCown's Co VA Mil as a Pvt, wid lived Putman Cty W VA 1878-87, 1st wife Delila (Lykins)

Benjamin or Benjamin Hicks, SC-17279, srv Capt Smith Elkins Co 12 months Vols & Capt Bailey Bodwell's Co 45th US Inf as a Pvt

Benjamin or Benjamin Hicks, SC-27990, srv Capt Wm Taylor's Co VA Mu as a Pvt

Burden, Grace G., WC-23410, SC-8365, srv Capt Jedediah Noble's Co NY Mil as a Pvt

Daniel, Susan, WO-2179, srv Capt Caleb Barton's Co SC Mil

Drury, Sophia, WC-28167, srv Capt John Hewett's Co VA Mu

David or David Hicks, WC-32737, srv Capt William Taylor's Co 18th Regt US Inf

Edward, SC-21721, srv Capt J. Brannon's Co SC Mu as a Cpl

Elisha, Faraba, WC-28230, srv Capt Jeptha Norton's Co SC Mu as a Pvt

Howard G., Sarah H., WO-6196, srv Capt John Pinkard's Co VA Mil

James or James Hicks, WC-22632, srv Capt James C. Price's Co KY Mu as a Pvt

John or John Hicks, SC-11055, srv Capt Smith Elkins' Co US Vols

Samuel, Catherine (Mullen) WC-12169, m 3 Sep 1819 Richmond VA, sd 17 Apr 1870, wd prior to 18 Aug 1890, srv Capt William Taylor's Co VA Mil as a Pvt, lived Richmond VA

William Taylor's Co VA Mil as a Pvt, lived Richmond VA

Thomas J., or Thomas Hicks, Mary (Stepp) WC-6114, m 4 Feb 1811 Wolf River TN, sd 4 Oct 1860 Cumberland Mtn TN, srv Capt James Tunnell's Co TN Mu as a Pvt, lived Fentress & Scott Ctys TN, wid lived Fentress Cty 1872

William or William Hicks

William or William Hicks, Patsey (Tounsend) WC-3621, m 16 Oct 1815 Madison Cty KY, sd 8 Sep 1861 Jasper Cty MO, srv Capt S. Massie's Co KY Mu as a Pvt, lived Camden & Jasper Ctys MO, wid also lived LaClede Cty MO 1867-73

William, Mary A. (Ralson) WC-17036, m 20 Jun 1814 Baltimore MD, sd 23 Dec 1829, wd 3 Apr 1882 Boonsboro MD, srv Capt Henry Myers' Co MD Mil, wid lived Washington Cty MD 1878

List of Abbreviations

AL Alabama
Adj Adjutant
Apr April
AZ Arizona
AR Arkansas
Arty Artillery
Asst Assistant
Aug August
Bttn Battalion
Bttry Battery
BLW Bounty Land Warrant
Brvt Brevet
Brig Brigade or Brigadier
CA California
Capt Captain
Cay Cavalry
Col Colonel
CO Colorado
Co Company
CT Connecticut
cont continued or contesting
Cpl Corporal
Cty County
Dec December
DL Delaware
Dept Department
Detch Detachment
disc discharge
Dist District
Engrs Engineers
eni enlisted
Feb February
Fed Federal
FL Florida
Gen or Gen'l General
GA Georgia
grdn guardian
Hosp Hospital
h husband
IL Illinois
IN Indiana
Indpt Independent
Inf Infantry
I— Invalid
IC- Invalid’s Certificate
IF— Invalid’s File
10- Invalid’s Original
IA Iowa
Jan January
Jul July
Jun June
KN Kansas
KY Kentucky
Lt Lieutenant
LA Louisiana
ME Maine
Maj Major
Mar March
m married
MD Maryland
MA Massachusetts
Mstr Master
Mex Mexican
MI Michigan
MU Militia
MN Minnesota
M- Minor’s
MC— Minor’s Certificate
MO- Minor’s Original
MO Missouri
MS Mississippi
MT Montana
Mt Mount
Mtd Mounted
NB Nebraska
NV Nevada
NH New Hampshire
NJ New Jersey
NM New Mexico
NY New York
NC North Carolina
ND North Dakota
Nov November
Oct October
OH Ohio
OK Oklahoma
Ord Ordnance or Orderly
OR Oregon
PA Pennsylvania
Phila Philadelphia
Pvt Private
Qtr Quarter
Reb Rebellion
Regt Regiment
reg registered
Rej Rejected
Reg Regular
res resident or residence
RI Rhode Island
St Saint
Scts Scouts
Sep September
Sgt Sergeant
srv served or service
Sig Signal
Sol Soldier
Sd soldier died
SC South Carolina
SD South Dakota
Sta Station
sub substitute
SC- Survivor’s Certificate
SF— Survivor’s File
SO— Sruvivor’s Original
TN Tennessee
Terr Territory
TX Texas
US United States
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
UT Utah
VT Vermont
VA Virginia
WA Washington
W VA West Virginia
wid widow
WC— Widow’s Certificate
wd widow died
WF— Widow’s File
WO— Widow’s Original
WI Wisconsin
WY Wyoming

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