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Some Putnam County, WV 1874 Deaths

Miscellaneous Surnames

I was going to put these names in a nice neat table, but there's just too much information to fit! That is certainly a switch! And let me say here what a pleasant surprise it was that along with these registers, the Deputy Clerk in the County Clerk's Office in Putnam took the trouble to explain all the information that was on the death register and to help differentiate between my David Sr's and Jr's. It was certainly a nice change of pace to deal with a civil servant who (1) actually did not mind doing her job and (2) then went an extra bit more.

Column Headings are: Name, White, Colored: Free/Slave; Slave owner's name, Sex, Date of Death, Place of Death, Name of Disease or Cause of Death, Age in Years, (Months and Days apparently were cut off during the copying process), Names of Parents, Where born, Occupation, Consort of or Unmarried, Sources of Information: Name of person giving information of death and designation of informant, whether physician, surgeon, coroner, head of the family, friend, &c.

The names are listed here in the order they are listed on the register. Please remember that this was a hand-written original document and that means these are my interpretations of their handwriting. You are advised to confirm everything for yourself. Here are the names from my page of the 1874 Death Register:

Adkins, C.M, White, M, d. Feb 22 at Kanawha River (no cause of death listed), infant, Names of Parents: C & M. Adkins, born at Kanawha River, Consort of Charles Adkins (there's a cross-out line through that), Name of Informant: Charles Adkins, Father

Brown, Wm. H., White, M, d. July 20 at Winfield of Cholera Infantum, (infant - rest of age cut off), born at Winfield, Parent: S.E. Brown, who was also the informant of death, mother

Burford, J., White, M, d. August at Kanawha River of Cholera Infantum, (infant - rest of age cut off), Parents: A.J. & M.J. Burford, born at Kanawha River, Name of Informant: A.J. Burford, Father

Blankenship, M.M., White, F, d. Nov 6 at Teays Valley of Consumption, aged 31, Parents: H. & M. E__cks (looks like Ewicks), born in Kanawha County, consort of A.M. Blankenship, who was also the informant of death.

Blankenship, M.M, White, F, d. Dec 6 at Little Hurricane of Diphtheria (infant - rest of age cut off), A.M. & M.A. Blankenship, born at Teays Valley, Informant of Death: A.M. Blankenship, Father

Bush, Anna, White, F, d. Sept 23 at Big Hurricane of Consumption at age 23, Parents: -------------- Campbell (clerk's note), b. in Mason Co, Consort of J. Bush, Name of Informant: E. Oaks, Friend

Billups, J.H., White, M, d. in October at Big Creek, no cause of death listed, age 2, Parents" C.M. & D.D. Billups, b. at Big Cr., Name of Informant: C.M. Billups, Father

Bailey, M.J., White, F, died August 9 at Big Hurricane of Dropsey, aged 30, Parents: C & L. Gibson, b. at Big Hurricane, Consort of Edward C. Bailey, who was also the informant of death.

Bowling, J.S., White, M, d. Jan'y 3 at Kanawha River of Fever, aged 42. Parents: L & Ann Bowling, b in Amhurst CO, VA, Occupation, Farmer, Consort of Martha Bowling, Name of Informant: John M. Tyre, Brother i_____ (cut off - assume brother in law)

Blake, Ann M., white, F, d. July 20 at Buffalo Cr., no cause of death, aged 33, Parents" O & C. Mason, b. at Long Branch, Consort of Geo L. Blake, who was also informant of death.

Bufford, M., White, F, d. in June at Arbuckle Cr. of Consumption at age 45, Parents: John & ---- Larch (clerk's note), where born: ----- (clerk's note), consort of Samuel J. Bufford, Informant of death: Joel Parsons, Neighbor

Briggs, Wm., Colored, Free, M, d. in August at Red Huise (??) Hill, of Consumption, aged 45, Parents: J & ---- Briggs (clerk's note), b. at Kanawha River. No other info listed.

Carter, Ellen, White, F, d. NOv 15 at Left H.F. Poca of Consumption, aged 65, Parents: J., no place of birth listed, Consort of Wm. H. Carter, Informant: James Martin, neighbor

Cawdell, F.C. ( or B.), White, F, d. May 6 at Kanawha Co, no cause of death listed, age cut off - probably an infant, Parents: J.W. & C. Cartwill, b in Kanawha Co. Informant: C.A. Cartwill, mother

Campbell, E., White, F, d. Oct 3 at Poca River of Consumption at age 21, Parents: A.A. & M.A. Campbell, b in Monroe Co, Single, Informant: A.A. Campbell, Father

Casey, L., White, F, d. Oct 19 at Buffalo Cr of Diptheria, aged 1 Parent: L.M. Cassy, b. at Buffalo Cr, single, informant: Lewis Cassy, Father

Cotterele, M.P., White, F, d. in July at 18 Mile Cr of Diarrhea, aged 1, Parents: W.J. & M. Cotteral, b. at 18 Mile Cr., Single, Informant: W.J. Cotterele, Father

Deardoff, Sarah L., White, F, d. May 9 at Liitle Hurricane of Pneumonia, aged 68, Parents: C & ---- Bailey (Clerk's note), b. in Campbell Co, VA, Consort of Peter Deardoff, who was also the informant of death.

Dodd, A.V., White, M, d. in Decr. at Kanawha River of Lung Fever, age cut off (infant), Parents: J.A. & P.A. Dodd, b. at Kanawha River, Informant J.A. Dodd, Father

Davis, Robert F., White, M, d. in July at 25 Jile Cr. of Dropsy, aged 61, Parents: M & N. Davis (Martin and Nancy are printed above those initials), b. in Buckingham Co, Occupation: Blacksmith, Consort of Mary A. Davis, who was also the informant of death.

Dunfield, T.J., White, M, d. in July at 18 Mile Cr., no cause of death listed, aged 1, Parents: R. & M. Dunfield, b. at 18 Mile Cr. Informant: R. Dunfield, Father.

Ellis, R.H., White, M, d. Feb at Teays Valley of Consumption, aged 20, Parents: W.A. & S.A. Ellis, b. at Big Hurricane, Occupation: Farmer, Single, Informant of Death: S.A. Ellis, Mother

Esque, F.G., White, M, d. July 14 at Poca River of Diarrhea, aged 2, Parents: F. & C. Esque. B. at Poca River, Informant: C. Esque, Mother

Fleegar, M., White, F, d. Feb at Mom's Fork in child birth, aged 34, Parents' J. & R.O. Hill, b. in Pa Butler Co., Consort of A. Fleegar, who was also informant of death.

Ferguson, Virginia, White, F, d. Dec 16 at Middlefe_t of Consumption, aged 27, Parents: S. & ------ Scott (clerk's note), no place of birth noted, Consort of A. Ferguson, Informant of death: A. Dunn, neighbor.

Folk, Nancy, White, F, d. April 28 at 18 Mile Cr, Drowned, aged 19, Parents: D. & S. Folks, b. in Ohio, Single, Informant P. Benyer (sp?), Neighbor

Fowler, H.M., White, M., d. Sept 25 at 18 Mile Cr, of Fever, aged 50 or 58, Parents: J. & J. Fowler, b. in Kanawha Co., Occupation: Farmer, Consort of Martha Fowler, Informant of death: J. Fowler, Father.

Gibson, M.J., White, F, d. Dec 15 at Coal Branch of Heart Disease, aged 38, Parents" W. & N. Gibson, b. in Kanawha Co, Single, Informant: A. Gibson, Brother

Grass, Cora M., White, F, d. april 1 at Teays Valley of Croup, aged 1, Parents: J. & J.C. Grass, b. in Teays Valley, Informant: H.E. Grass, Mother.

Gillispie, Eli, White, M, d. May 26 at Buffalo Cr, no cause of death listed, no age (probably infant), Parents: A. & L. Gillispie, b at Buffalo Cr, Informant: L. Gillispie, Mother.

Harris, Henry, White, M, d. April 15 at 18 Mile Cr of Dropsy, aged 82, Parents: J. & M. Harris, b. in Bedford Co, Occupation; Farmer, Consort of Jane W. Harris, Informant: Wm. Harris, Son

Hanshaw, O., White, F, d. April 4 at Turkeys Cr of Brain disease, aged 1, Parents: J.H. & E. hanshaw, b. at Tuckers Cr., Informant: E. Hanshaw, Mother

Hensen, Arthur, White, M, d. June 15 at Rock Step, no cause of death, no age, Parents: R. & H. Henson, b. at Rock Step, Informant: R. Hensen, Father

Hill, White, M, d. March 6, at 18 Mile Cr, no cause of death listed, parents: W.A. L. Hill, b. at 18 Mile Cr, Informant: W.A. Hill, Father

Hix, A., White, M, d. March 17 at Poplar Fork of Rheumatism, aged 74, parents: D. & H. Hix, no place of birth, Occupation: Farmer, Consort of H. Hix, Informant R. Arthur, Daughter (My note: This is Achellis Hix, possible son of William and Hannah Hicks)

Hix, Mason, White, M, d. March 12 at Poplar Fork of consumption, age cut off, Parents: A. & H. Hix, b at Poplar Fork, Single, Informant: R. Arthur, Sister

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