Hicks Genealogy
Hickses listed in Virginia Church Registers
and other Church documents

Heritage Quest Microfilm V163-144:

St. Paul's Vestry
1734 - John, Michael & William Hicks
1779 - Joseph & Henry Hicks

"What I know about Winchester - Recollection of Wm. Greenway Russell", 1800-1891

"The next property (in Winchester on North Frederick Tunrpike) is the old Parish House built in the year 1798 by the overseers of the poor of Frederick county.... at the "House" they had two notable characters, a lame man by the name of HICKS, who had been there many years and died in 1857 at the advanced age of 113...."

"Augusta Parish Book" - none listed
"Quadrennial Record of Zion" - St. James Lutheran Church in Waynesboro, VA (records from 1831, mostly German) - none listed
"Winchester & Vicinity" - none listed (G975.502 W759r)
"A Brief True report for the Traveller concerning Williamsburg in Virginia" - none listed (G975.502 W728 go)
From Microfilm V163-135: "The Tinkling Spring: Headwater of Freedom" - none listed

[Heritage Quest Microfilm V163-135: "Virginia County Records Filmed at Indiana State Library"]

Hickses listed in the
"Register of Albemarle Parish, Surrey & Sussex Counties, 1739-1778":

Amy, Anne, Christian, Elisa/Eliza, Faith, Hannah, Hardy, James, Jemima, John, Joseph, Littleberry, Lorana, Mary, Micajah, Naaman, Nathan, Priscilla, Reuben, Robert, Sarah, Sally, Tubal, William

Eliz. daughter of Wm. & Mary Hicks, b. Feb. 24, 1740/1 christened April 12, 1741. Godparents: Joseph Hicks, Eliza Jones, Eliza Harw--(?)
James, son of Wm. & Mary, b. Sept. 3, christened 1735. [no godparents listed]

James, son of Wm & Mary, b. Sept 3, christened 1735. [no godparents listed]

Mary, daughter of Wm. & Mary, b. Dec. 19, christened 1738

Naamah, daughter of Wm. & Mary, b. Oct 15, christened 15 Dec 1745. godparents Daniel Roberts, Caecilia Stokes, Hannah Roberts

(-)seph, son of Joseph Hix & Anne, b. Aug 29, christened Dec 7, 1755. Godparents Simon Stacy, Ephraim Justice, Mary Wallace

Sarah, daughter of Wm. & Mary, b. Dec 22, chr 1737

Tubal, son of Wm. & Mary, b. Nov 22, 1743, christened Jan 1, 1743/4. George Long, Robert Bullock, Eliza Loyd.

Wm. S., son of Joseph & Anne, b. Dec 22, 1744, christened Jan. 26, 1745/6. John McGarraty, Jas. Massingale Jr, Priscilla Davison

Sarah, dau of Wm. & Mary, b Sept 1, christened Oct 29, 1751

Wm, son of Wm. & Mary, b. July 5, christened Aug. 17, 1760. godparents Wm Willie, Geo. Hogwood, Mary Hicks

Micajah, son of Wm. & Mary, b. Nov 17, christened Dec 16, 1753. Edward Shelton, John Bullock, Anne King

Cumberland Parish, Lunenburg Co, VA Vestry Book 1746-1816:

Hicks, Daniel m. Fanny Delony, Sept 18, 1788
Hicks, John - was a Clerk at Reedy C. Church.
Hicks, Amos - 1763/4 land processioned
Hicks, Joseph - 1763/4 land ment; 1771 land processioned;
Hicks, Mrs. Mourning - cured Joel Gunter
Hicks, Richard - sexton at L. Roanoke Church

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