Hicks Genealogy

Civil War Hicks Soldiers

From Various States

This information was found at the Cornell University website where they have put the "Making of America Journals" Collection online. These Hicks soldiers are mentioned within the books for various reasons. The url to the website is: http://moa.cit.cornell.edu and you want to click on the "Making of America Journals Collection".

Hicks, A. Carroll

Hicks, A.H.

Hicks, Absalom

Hicks, Benjamin

Hicks, Bruce R.

Hicks, Charles

Hicks, David G.

Hicks, E.R.

Hicks, Frank L.

Hicks, G.

Hicks, G.W.

Hicks, George, 96th Ill.

Hicks, George, 5th U.S. Cav.

Hicks, George, 17th Vt

Hicks, George A.

Hicks, George B.

Hicks, George W., 2d Colo. Cav

Hicks, George W., 9th W.Va

Hicks, H.G.

Hicks, Henry A.

Hicks, Henry J.

Hicks, Hicks

Hicks, Ira E.

Hicks, J.

Hicks, J.E.

Hicks, J.D.

Hicks, J.H.

Hicks, J.P.

Hicks, James

Hicks, James Anderson

Hicks, James M.

Hicks, Jason M.

Hicks, John, Georgia

Hicks, John, Missouri

Hicks, John A.

Hicks, John R.

Hicks, John W.

Hicks, Joseph

Hicks, Joseph F.

Hicks, Julius C.

Hicks, Lewis E.

Hicks, Lewis T.

Hicks, Martin S.

Hicks, Milton

Hicks, N.B.

Hicks, Patrick

Hicks, R.L.

Hicks, Robert B.

Hicks, Robert C.

Hicks, Robert J.

Hicks, S.R.

Hicks, Stephen G.

Hicks, Sylvanus H.

Hicks, Thomas H.

Hicks, W.D.

Hicks, W.F.

Hicks, W.J.

Hicks, W.P.

Hicks, Willard

Hicks, William, 3rd Ark

Hicks, William, Lieut, 44th Ill.

Hicks, William, Private 44th Ill.

Hicks, William A.

Hicks, William D.

Hicks, Wilson T.

Soldiers of the 10th (Johnson's) Kentucky Cavalry - aka 10th Partisan Rangers (CSA)

Hicks, B. - Co. A.
Hicks, Sherwood S. - 3d Lt., Co B
Linthicum, E. - Co. B

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