Hicks Genealogy

Hicks Soldiers on the

Virginia Confederate Pension Rolls

Stored on microfilm in the Library of VA

Andrew S. Hicks, Richmond

Bransford Hicks, Amherst County

George W. Hicks, Russell County

George W. Hicks, Fredericksburg

Granville Hicks, Fredericksburg

James H. Hicks, Bedford County

Jas. H. Hicks, Campbell County

Jno. W. Hicks, Fluvanna County

J.H. Hicks, Roanoke County

J.M. Hicks, Bedford County

J.R. Hicks, Spotsylvania

J.W. Hicks, Campbell County

M.L. Hicks, Bedford County

O.J. Hicks, Wise

R.W. Hicks, Campbell

Robt. L. Hicks, Amherst

Thomas R. Hicks, Wythe County

W.B. Hicks, Hanover County

W.J. Hicks, Orange County

William E. Hicks, Bath County

William E. Hicks, Bedford County

Wm. M. Hicks, Nansemond


Annie E. Hicks, Augusta

Mrs. B.A. Hicks, Campbell

Cynthia Hicks, Wythe

Emma C. Hix, Franklin Cnty, widow of Edward G. Hix

Fannie A. Hicks, Campbell

Fannie M. Hicks, Bedford

Margaret Hicks, Carroll

Margaret A. Hicks, Smyth, widow of Thomas R. Hicks, who was not on pension rolls

Martha Hicks, Luisa, widow of Charles H. Hicks, pensioner

Martha C. Hicks, Spotsylvania

Mary S. Hicks, Richmond

Mary Salyer Hix, Scott County, widow of Peter Sulyer, pensioner

Mary E. Hicks, New Kent

Mary S. Hicks, Lynchburg

Mary Susan Hicks, Henrico

Nanicil (?) Rachel Hicks, Bedford - widow of Elisha Hicks, who was not on Pension Rolls

Rebecca Hicks, Smyth

Sarah A. Hicks, Goochland, widow of 1st husband N.W. Terry, who was not on Pension Rolls

Sarah E. Hicks, Jas. City

Sarah Gordon Hicks, Fredericksburg, widow of Geo. W. Hicks, pensioner

Hicks Soldiers mentioned in the "Confederate Veteran Magazine"

1893-1932 Index - Found in the Library of VA

This magazine contains articles relating to the activities of various local Confederate organizations.

Dr. Robert Iverson Hicks - 23rd N.C. regiment (Vol. 29, p. 189)

b. Dec 30, 1833 Granville Cty, NC

d. Oct. 16, 1920 - Washington D.C.

Rev. Irl Roger Hicks - 1st TN Cavalry, Co. T (Vol. 25, p. 135)

b. Dec 18, 1844 Bristol, TN

d. Oct 12, 1916 St. Louis, MO

Augustus Doane Hicks (vol. 27, p. 267)

b. Nov 9, 1842 Duplin Co, NC

d. Apr. 12, 1919 Faison, NC

Samuel L. Hicks (vol. 30, p. 71)

d. aged 81

Capt. William Hicks - served in 10th Ark. Cavalry, Co. G. (Vol. 22, p.35 & 473)

b. Oct. 9, 1837 Hawkins County, TN

d. Nov. 20, 1913 Austin, KY

William E. Hicks - KY Cavalry & 15th Tenn Infantry (Vol. 29, p. 226)

b. Mar 1843 Tenn

d. May 1, 1921 Murray KY

William Henry Hicks - 47th Ark. Cavalry (Vol. 14, p. 468)

b. Sept 1845 Hawkins Co. Tenn

d. 1906 Little Rock, Ark (?)

Zachary Taylor Hicks - Col. Woodward Calvary (Vol. 26, p. 407)

b. Sept 8, 1847 Dover, Stewart Co, TN

d. Jan 16, 1916 Kennett, MO

CCL. N. Preston Hix - Kershaw's SC Brigade (Vol. 19, p. 590)

d. Oct. 22, 1921 age about 70

A.H. Hix - Mentioned in Vol. 23, p. 271

J.B. Hix - Mentioned in Vol. 23, p. 271

Greenbrier County, WV Confederate Soldiers from Thurmond's Company

Co. B: Andrew Jackson Hicks (Phillip Thurmond's Company from Monroe County, WV)

Co. A: Michael Hicks (William Thurmond's Company organized in Fayette County, WV)

Co. A: James M. Hicks, William H. Hicks (William Thurmond's Company)

Co. B: Andrew Hix (Phillip Thurmond's Company)

I'm not sure what the source was for these names. I apparently forgot to write it down - my bad. Although from my notes, it looks like an internet look-up and may just possibly be from the VSL website.

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