Hicks Genealogy
Miscellaneous Hicks Genealogical Data

CLARKE COUNTY (formed 1801)
Daniel HICKS - Will Book A (1802-1822) [DAR Records]

Marriages: (no dates)
John Jackson m. Susanna HICKS (Book A, 1805-1814)
John McAlpin m. Jiney HICKS (Book A, 1805-1814)
Leroy McCoy m. Nancy HICKS (Book A, 1805-1814)

COLUMBIA COUNTY (part of Richmond County) Data from Film V169-32
Absolom Hicks witness for Hannah Alexander, widow of John. signed June 8, 1800
Edward Bowdre m. Martha Hicks 8 Oct. 1808. Will signed 23 Apr 1850
Martha Bowdre - Niece: Frances Jane (Hicks) Bowen (?), dau of Edmond Hicks, deceased, in trust with T.N. Hicks. Nephew: Burton Hicks, son of brother Burton. signed 18 March 1853; probated 9 May 1855

Mrs. Mary FRAIL, alias Hicks, is mentioned in will as "Other" of Ignatius Few. Will signed 21 Aug 1809, probated July 1810
"Mrs. Mary FRAIL, alais Hicks, with my children and a child with which she is supposed to be pregnant, to remain on Mt. Carmel and receive maintenance. Mary Frail to have 150 acre plantation on waters of Germany's Creek...: Codicil - made petition on 29 Nov 1809 to have illegitmate children legalized. Approved by governor on 1 Dec 1809. Names were legally changed from Hicks to Few and they were made legal heirs.

FREEL (FRAIL), John - grandson of John Hicks, mentioned. Oldest daughter Mary Hicks. Executors: John Hicks. probated 16 Jul 1808

Witness Newman HICKS to will of Wm. Langston; signed 21 Apr 1887, probated 14 Jan 1890

Benjamin Leigh HICKS, son of nephew James HICKS, mentioned in Benjamin Leigh's will. signed 16 Sept 1825, probated 1 Mar 1850

Nathaniel HICKS, executor of Nathaniel Pearre's will - signed 10 Apr 1802, probated 20 Dec 1802

Edmond HICKS, witness for Elizabeth Ragan's will - signed 5 Feb 1836, probated 12 Nov 1841

T.N. HICKS, witness to will of Leonard Sims - signed 6 Jan 1865, probated 12 Feb 1865

Lindsey Coleman (the same Linsey Coleman who married Lucinda Hicks in Kanawha Co, WV in 1811????) executor for NOtley Whitcomb, friend. probated Dec 12, 1920. Wife Rebecca Lashley. m. in Columbia Co 4 Oct 1813

Early Marriage Records:
Edmund Bowdre m. Martha HICKS, 8 Oct 1808 (src#G975.801 C726gm)
Sterling Edwards m. Susan HICKS 29 Mar 1818 (src#G975.801 C726gm)
Burton HICKS m. Ann Hattaway 27 Jan 1825 (src#G975.801 C726gm)
Edmund HICKS m. Sarah Flint 10 Feb 1814 (src#G975.801 C726gm)
Samuel HICKS m. Louisa Bowdre 25 Nov 1827 (src#G975.801 C726gm)
Thomas N. HICKS m. Eliza E. Magruder 4 Dec 1841 (src#G975.801 C726gm)
Wm Sharp (or Shanks?) m. Mary HICKS 14 Dec 1805 (src#G975.801 C726gm)

Deeds of Gift: Daniel Sturgis to Benjamin HICKS Sturgis for goodwill and affection: All landed property conveyed to me by dec'd brother William Sturgis in the state of South Carolina. ("Early Court Records of Columbia Co")

Bills/Deeds of Sale - 1828: Samuel HICKS to Preston Bowdree: all interest in estate of Samuel Bowdree, except for slaves, ...("Early Court Records of Columbia Co")

Revolutionary War Pensioner: John HICKS

DECATUR COUNTY (formed in 1823 from Early County)
Hicks, A.C. & Martha M. Lodge m. 17 Jan 1850
Hicks, John & Elizabeth C. Lewis m. 6 Nov 1828
Hicks, Mathew & Tabitha Butts m. 2 Oct 1853
Hicks, Newton & Mary Norris m. 24 Apr 1825
Hicks, William & Anna Norris m.11 Mar 1832
Burgamy, Philip & E.S. M. Hicks 3 Aug 1876
Dollar, Thomas & Samarias Hicks m. --- 3, 1858

FRANKLIN COUNTY (1830 Census: 0 Hickses/1840 Rev War Pensioners: 0)

William Denman m. Mary HICKS, 1 Jan 1809
Hary HIX m. Sarah Nixon, 5 Jan 1835 or Harvey HIX m. Sarah Mixon, 5 Jan 1835
David Guest m. Matilda HICKS, 8 Nov 1834


Nathaniel HIX - signed 4 Jun 1819, probabted 2 Jul 1821. wife mentioned, not named. Sons, John Absalom, the latter to take care of his mother as long as she lives; daus: Anna Haggard, Elizabeth Turner, Polly Denham, Sally Key, Susannah Shankle. Exe'r: Son Absalom & James H. Little and Samuel Shannon. Witness Joseph McEntire, James McCarter, Wm. Brown

Josiah HIX Will - signed 5 Nov 1843, probated 8 Jan 1844. [All property to remain in control of wife Elizabeth until youngest child is 21] Robert A.R. Neal, Ex'r. Witnesses: Henry Freeman, Johnson Weims, A.S. Jones

Richard Woods will signed 1 May 1816. Witnesses: Nathaniel & Elizabeth Hicks. probated July 1816


Solomon HIX and wife Tabitha, 1809
Solomon HIX and wife Tabitha, 1813

List of Persons living in Franklin Co. who registered in the lottery of 1805:
James HIX, BB (no land received)
Solomon HIX, PB (land received)
Thomas STORY, BB (no land received)
Frederick THOMPSON, BB (no land received)
Devereaux JARROT - 1785 - Bounty Survey

Solomon HICKS on jury - 13 Dec 1709
Joel HICKS on jury - 15 Feb 1803


Jones Hicks Bible: (buried in the Hicks Family Cemetery in Macon, GA; 6 miles south of Reynolds, GA)
Jones Hicks, b. 5 Dec 1803; d. 14 Apr 1875
m. Elizabeth Howe (b. 11 Apr 1815; d. 14 Apr 1897)
Their Children:
Aretus William - b. 1836
Daniel - b. 1838
Emma - b. 1840
Wm. Rufus - b. 1847
Edward - d. 1892
Susan S. - b. 1851
Milton Jone - b. 1849
Lewis Beck - b. 1853

1830 - David Hicks, Jones' Militia District, Madison County, 7th District, 3rd section

1870 - Henry K. Hicks, grand juror

"daughters of Elijah Hicks.." mentioned in "Stories of Gordon County & Calhoun, GA"

JASPER COUNTY (Formed 1812 from Randolph County)
Joseph HICKS, Will Book C (1820-1823)
Joseph HICKS, Will Book H (1822-1826)

1802 Tax List: John HICKS

Abner HICKS m. Mary Beatty 1809

Wills Book #1 (1796-1805): John HIX

Marriages: none listed from 1806-1818

Wills: none for 1811-1840 & 1840-1893

Marriages (only men listed):
Stephen F. HICKS (1813-1834

Will: John J. HICKS (1814-1830)

Revolutionary War Pensioner: Isaac HICKS

Thomas HICKS m. Sarah Thomas, 14 Sep 1846

Georgia Intestate Records: George Hicks, 2 Mar 1807

Wills: none

Deeds: John HIX (1805-1810)

John Green, 287 ½acres in Washington Co. bounded N & E vacant, S by John HICKS, W. Altamaha River, lot 604, warrant 2356, May 17, 1784 (southern part of county starts Montgomery or Toons)

John HIX, 287 ½acres in Washington Co. bounded N & W vacant, E-Mark Holliman, S- John HIX, lot 613, warrant 1598, June 23, 1784

Nathaniel HICKS, 287 ½acres in Washington Co. bounded all sides vacant, cut by Ohoophee River, survey 628, April 23, 1787

Edward STORY, 287 ½acres in Washington Co. bounded N Fitzpatrick, other sides vacant - April 21, 1785

Henry Kemsey Hicks, son of Alfred and Harriet [Dover] Hicks, b. 16 Jan 1837 NC, moved to Whitfield County, GA in 1845 and Calhoun, Georgia "in early life" married Pamela Haseltine Ivey (Oct 6, 1829 to April 29, 1905) in 1857

Jesse Newby, dec'd. Returns of Abner Tatom, Admr. Shows cash from John Lowry, adm'r of Bishop HICKS, dec'd, and from Robt. H. Taylor and paid Thos. Walton a judgement 22 Nov 1801

Wm. Jennings will: To daughter Nancy HIX, a slave Milly; to her children at her death. Signed 19 Oct 1793; probated 11 Nov 1793
Ephraim Phair's will mentions Nathaniel HICKS as someone he sold land to. The will was signed 27 Aug 1793
Absolom Thurman's will mentions Susannah HICKS. Daniel and Susannah HICKS, test. Probated 27 July 1801
John Tatom's will mentions Elizabeth Ann HICKS as his daughter. Will signed 21 Mar 1793; probated 8 oct 1794

9 Dec 1785; John Hicks' land is mentioned. It had been sold to satisfy a judgment in Richmond County by Thomas Garratt, assignee of William Stinson vs. Humphrey Wells and John HICKS.

Elijah HICKS became editor of the "The Phoenix" on August 1, 1832. The paper was suppressed by Georgia authorities in 1834. (probably Columbia county)

Georgia Intestate Records: 1822: Amos Hicks, guardian of Mary (orphan of Daniel), Others mentioned: Anselm, Benjamin H., Bunetta, Daniel, Edmund B., Esther, James, John (administrator 1800), Joseph R, Narcissa, Ruth (Mrs) John Hix, Samuel

Nathaniel Hicks, dec'd. - Edmund B. Hicks issued L/A 20 Dec 1794. Leonard Nobles of Burke Co. and James McCoy of Winton Co, S.C., secs.

Timothy Hicks, dec'd. Agnes Perritt issued L/A 15 Jul 1783. John Stewart & Sarah Baldwin, secs. Richmond AB.

J. HICKS, Capt. "Georgia's Roster of the Revolution"

John HICKS - Certificate as refugee soldier James McKay, Col Feb 18, 1784. Petitioner prays bounty in Washington Co, Warrant 1242
Isaac HICKS, Capt. Certificate of his service as Captain in the 3rd GA Contintal Regiment from 1776 to the end of the war.

Land Lottery:
1820- Nathaniel HICKS, LOT 340, DISTRICT 3-e (Early County)
1820 - Absalom HIX, Lot 83, District 10-H (Habersham Co)

1821 - Daniel HICKS, Capt. White's District 115
1827 - Samuel HICKS
1827 - David HICKS, Pike County

Certified List of Georgia Troops:
Isaac HICKS, Capt.
Samuel HICKS
Edward Story
Devereaux Jarrett

The Harvey List:
HICKS, Edmond
HICKS, Isaac, Private
HICKS, J., Capt.