Hicks Genealogy
Hicks/Hix Folks in Coles or Jasper County

From newspaper clippings or other research

Coles County

Bankruptcy Notice

15 Apr 1844

In the matter of the petition of JOHN P. HICKS, of Coles County, to be declared a bankrupt and -- by discharged from his debts...

Remaining in the Post Office at Charleston, Coles County, Illinois, on the 1st day of April, 1848, and if not taken out within 3 months, will be sent to the General Post Office as Dead Letters. Persons calling for letters will please say if Advertised. [Published in the Illinois Globe on April 8, 1848]

Hicks, Miss Sally

Marriages in Coles County

Elizabeth C. Hicks

Henry Pemberton

14 Nov 1850

John Morris Hicks

Racheal Ellen Dehart

26 Feb 1852

Joshua Hicks

Rebecca Shoot

4 Jul 1833

Margaret A. Hicks

Adam Moody

13 Jul 1854

Mary Hicks

Silas Burson

18 Jul 1847

Rebecca Hicks

John W. Tutwiler

24 Dec 1835

William Hix

Susan Guardner

8 Aug 1867

William Hix

Clara E. Meadows

29 Dec 1874 (Douglas County)

Deaths in Coles County

Sarah G. Hicks age 73, widow, born in Kentucky, parents' birth locations "unknown". Died in March 1880 of Heart Disease in Mattoon Township, Coles Co. Had been a resident of Coles county for 7 years (1880 Coles Co. Mortality Schedule)

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- Skaggs Farm near Rose Hill, Jasper County, IL. Sold March 9, 1892

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