Hicks Genealogy
Montgomery County, VA/WV Court Records

Greenbrier and Kanawha counties were formed out of Montgomery County.

Grantor: Henry HICKS & Katherine, his wife. Grantee: Alexr. Stewart
Lot and land in town of Botetourt whereon Francis Guthery now lives near the Spring. June 13, 1780 Src #1

David Wade qualified as guardian for John HICKS and Richard HICKS, children of William HICKS, decd. Feb. 6, 1789 Src #1

Ralph Stafford. His estate to his wife Jean, his sons James Ralph and John. Witnesses: John HICKS, Edward Stafford, Elizabeth Bogle. Probated August Court, 1794 Src #1

Hanover County - St. Paul's Parish

William Hix's tithables ordered to assist Benj. Johnson to clear road in 1734 - Src #2

Land processioning for Henry Hix on 30 Sep 1751 Src #2

Joseph Hicks land processioning 19 Nov 1759 Src #2

Michael Hix listed as "One of the Poor" June 1772 Src #2

Henry Hix applying to this Vestry for relief and appearing to be an Object of Charity, it is Ordered that he be received at the Poorhouse. 3 May 1779 Src #2

Jno. Hix land processioning Nov. 12, 1779 Src #2

John Hicks and Robert Duncan are listed as co-executors of Samuel Pearson's will which was written on 9 July 1790 and recorded on 3 July 1794 in Hanover County. Src #3


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Src #2 - Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish

Src #3 - Virginia Migrations, Vol. 1

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