Hicks Genealogy

Census Bits & Pieces for Coles County, IL - 1850

Lucinda Hicks, daughter of Ellis Hicks, Sr.

This Cox family lived 2 farms away from Ellis.  Note the similar kids names in each family, and the VA birthplace (WV?). A Clark County marriage record has Lucinda's last name as Hicks.  Some proof would be nice.  :-)

Reason & Elizabeth Wiley lived next door to Elston & Lucinda Wright.  Elizabeth's maiden name was Hicks according to marriage records. She was married in Bracken County, KY in 1824 to Reason.  She was born c. 1802 in Georgia - and is quite possibly Ellis Hicks' sister.  She died in 1887 in Coles Co and is buried in Wiley Brick Cemetery.  Her son, Alvin Wiley, is buried across from Elizabeth and both of their graves have been kept up well.
Susan Dyer is their daughter, widow of Zimiri Dyer.

This information contributed by Vicki Hutchison at vicki@qualcomm.com

Upper Okaw Precinct, pg. 51, dwelling #51, family #51

Wm. Dickson

Mary A.

age 20, farmer, b. OH

age 24, F, b.??, cannot read/write

age 11/12, F, b. IL


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