Hicks Genealogy

Census Bits & Pieces for Jasper County, IL

Here's a page of the 1855 Illinois State Census (Headcount only)

This is Township 8 N - which is Grove Township in Jasper. The names are copied exactly as they appeared on the census.  Albert Stroll (my other gg-gf) for example, is really spelled Strole.  And . . . if you're wondering why there are so many question marks for the first names, it's because we did a lousy job of xeroxing it!

There's some interesting family connections shown on this page:

Jeremiah Jack m. Emeline Thompson - sister of William Thompson who married Sarah Ann Hicks. Emeline & William's father was Frederick Gracen Thompson.

The wife of the Wheeler listed above was born in Georgia - same state as Ellis Hicks. Not too many Georgians in Jasper county if you scan the censuses. Coincidence?

Albert Strole of course got connected to my Hicks family in a couple of different ways - he's my gg-gf.

The Wright listed under Ellis is most likely Elston and Lucinda.

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