Hicks Genealogy
   Brickwalls and Unanswered Questions about Ellis Hicks' Kids

  • Malvina Hicks Hensley lived in Jasper Cty until at least 1870.  She has Alice Thompson, age 15 and Charles Linthicum, age 17, living with her and her husband, George Hensley, in the 1870 census.  I can now pinpoint her death (or divorce!) to between 1870-1878, because I found George Hensley living in Clay County, Arkansas in the 1880 census with a brand new young wife and 1 year old son (George L.W. Hensley). The question is what happened to Malvina? Did she die before George left Jasper county, or did she leave with him and die on the way (there is a Melvina Hensley buried in a Wasola Oak Grove Cemetery in Ozark County, Missouri. No dates or further info is known yet). I've viewed the Jasper county obituaries up till 1876 and there is no notice of her death....which doesn't mean anything because most of the Jasper deaths were not mentioned.

  • Malvina Alice Hensley, as listed in the 1860 census, is probably Alice Thompson, daughter of Malvina Hicks's sister Sarah Ann and William Thompson. Their ages are very similar and there's no mention of a Malvina Alice Hensley ever again.

  • It's pretty clear that Emeline Hicks and Willis Hinton left Jasper county for Terre Haute, IN to avoid the scandal of Willis having a child by his niece, Eliza Ann Wright. In 1870 however, they were living in Vermilion County, IL - the same county as Emeline's sister Elizabeth HIcks Hinton and next door to Willis' brother John Hinton. AND - surprise! - deaf and dumb brother William Hicks is living with them. In 1900, they were living in a boarding house in Terre Haute with neither of them having an occupation listed, so life doesn't seem to have treated them too well.  Emeline died of a cerebral hemorrhage and Willis had a "cathern" of the stomach with a bowel complication.  Yuck.  It was Emeline's death certificate which provided the mystery maiden name of her mother, Mary Story.  Willis's parents names were Joshua Hinton and Matilda Grinnel.  Looking through my notes, I find an Amelia Hinton living in the poorhouse in Vermilion County, IL in 1880....she is insane. Willis had a sister named Amelia who this could have been. No age is listed, but it states her first attack occured at age 40; Willis' sister Amelia was born c. 1843 according to the 1850 Mason Co, KY census. If this is indeed Willis' sister, It brings up an interesting question of how she got to Vermilion county and did any other of Willis' family travel there.

  • Elizabeth and Emeline's husbands are uncle (Ellis Hinton) and nephew (Willis Hinton). Why was Ellis Hinton in Bracken County, KY in 1838 and 1842? He wasn't married to Elizabeth in 1838 and his first wife Mary White did not die until c. 1840. Maybe Elizabeth and Ellis got married in Bracken County before they all left for Coles County, IL? Still looking for a marriage certificate for Ellis and Elizabeth.

  • Am still searching for the final resting places of Lucinda Wright, William & Hugh Hicks and Malvina Hensley.

  • Lucinda & Elston moved back and forth between Coles County & Jasper County between 1850 and 1880 with a short stop in Johnson Twp in Clark County.  At least one son is buried in Coles County and one daughter in Clark County. Elston died in 1893 and is listed as "widowed" on his death certificate.  Lucinda is not buried in Coles County with him and the Jasper cemeteries have no record of her.   Maybe Clark county - though look-ups in cemetery indexes have not turned her name up. According to his pension papers, Elston died destitute at the home of his son-in-law George Temple.

  • Hanna Hicks Linthicum was married in Vermilion County under the name "America Hicks". Her sister's husband Ellis Hinton gave permission for her to marry. Slingsby may have married twice more - to Matilda Hinton in 1853 (I have the marriage record) and to Elizabeth Allen in 1858 in Coles County (Illinois Marriage Index). And finally - Slingsby has been tracked down in every census. In 1860, he's in Coles county - by 1870 and on, he's in Denton County, Texas with wife ELizabeth and her children.

  • Sarah Hicks Thompson's husband William remarried after her death to Eliza Yaw and had at least 3 more kids with her before leaving her to go live in Indiana, where he eventually died. I have finally found Alonzo Thompson living in Pratt County, KS. The information is in his pension papers from his Civil War service. He had a rough start losing his second born 3 year old daughter whom he named after his mother, Sarah Ann and another girl, Nancy Bell, who died at age 10 months. Both girls are buried in Coles County. He went on to have 6 more kids with his wife Rebecca, who it turns out was married briefly before she married Alonzo.

  • William Hicks was deaf & dumb and lived with his parents until their deaths in 1866.  After Ellis, Jr. took over the land, William is listed as living with both of his sisters Elizabeth Hinton and Emeline Hinton in Vermilion County, IL in  1870.  In 1880, he was living with his other sister Lucinda Wright in Jasper County.  No record of burial in Jasper, Cumberland or Coles counties - unless he's out back in someone's cornfield.

  • In 1868, Elizabeth Hinton, Malvina Hensley & Charles Linthicum (a minor at the time) sued Lucinda Wright,  William Hicks, Emeline Hinton, Ellis Hicks, Jr. & Sarah Thompson's kids for their share of the homestead after Ellis, Sr's death. The land eventually was ordered to be sold at auction & the proceeds divided between the heirs.  Ellis Jr. was the highest bidder with a bid of  $205 & retained the land.  The fight did not end there, however.  Bickering and petty claims between the surviving kids (and their spouses) continued for another seven years after the partition request.  Once Ellis, Jr. died (again without a will), his kids repeated the whole scenario by filing lawsuits against each other - all trying to get what they thought was their fair share of  the land.

  • Where did Hugh Hicks go and why isn't he buried in Kern's Cemetery? Perhaps he left with Emeline and Willis Hinton for Terre Haute? Was he even really a son of Ellis Sr?

  • And ... who is buried in Kern's cemetery under that headstone that says simply "Ellis - 1854" in the same row as Ellis Sr and Mary? Possibly a child of Sarah Ann Hicks and William Thompson? Makes sense since this Ellis is buried next to Sarah Ann. Or is Ellis a last name?

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