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This is a list of Hicks men who served in Virginia Regiments during the Revolutionary War.

Hicks, Benjamin Captain Brunswick Mil. in 1777
Hicks, Charles  
Hicks (Hix), Daniel
Hicks, Daniel (Senr)
5th VA Regiment, Continental Line
Rec'd pension in Mecklenburg County. Was a private in South Carolina Militia. Pension started 2/22/1833 at age 72. Death Notice printed in the Richmond Inquirer on 29 Dec. 1857
Hicks, David Sgt. (Served in Clark's Illinois Regiment which is the same regiment that Mordecai Hicks served in) Served in Western Regiment and Captain Francis Charlovilles Volunteers, Bounty Lands

Sergeant. Entitled to land for 3 years.
Hicks, Davis  
Hicks, Drewry 5th VA Regiment, Continental Line
Hicks, Farthing Rec'd pension in Patrick County - pension started April 4, 1833 at the age of 72
Hicks, Frederick Corp., 2nd VA State Regiment
Hicks, George  
Hix. Isaac On the list of Officers of Vaughan's Co. - Mecklenburg Co., VA
Hicks, James

(2 more of them)
Private Militia - Listed on Muster Roll of Capt. Reuben Vaughan's Co. 1779 in Mecklenburg Co, VA - Hubard papers.
Hicks, Joel  b. Oct. 21, 1765 in Hanover County, VA. Applied for a Revolutionary War Pension, but was rejected. Parents were not named, but a sister who lived in Ablemarle County, VA was mention. He moved toHawkins County, TN
Hicks, John (6 of them)  
Hicks, Joseph  
Hicks, Mordecai (my line) Served in Clark's Illinois Regiment along with David Hicks. Served in Western Regiment and Captain Francis Charlovilles Volunteers, Bounty Lands

Died. Private. Entitled to land for 3 years.
Hicks, Moses Sgt, Taylor's VA Reg.
Hicks, Thomas Capt. Davis's Co., Augusta
Hicks, William (5 of them) 1) enlisted in Spotslyvania County, VA and lived in Alabama
Hix, Benjamin 6th VA Regiment, Continental Line
Hix, Daniel Corp., 1 VA Regiment, Continental Line
Hix, David Awarded 2,666 acres as a Lieutenant
Hix, Edward (6th and 10th VA Regiment, Continental Line)
Hix, Farthing Hanover pet.
Hix, Henry  
Hix, Hickerson  
Hix, James Corp, VA Battalion, 1 VA State REg., and 2nd VA Regiment Continental Line
Hix, Jesse  
Hix, John (3 of them)  
Hix, Joseph  
Hix, Nathaniel  
Hix, William (2 of them) Va. Battalion
of Goochland. Private in VA. Continental and VA Militia. Pension started April 4, 1833 at age 90
Sources: "Virginians in the Revolution" by John Gwathmey, "Virginia Pensions", author unknown & "Revolutionary War Records in Mecklenburg County, VA" by K.B. Elliott

Further Information on Some of the Soldiers Mentioned Above

Hicks, Daniel: entered service 1778 from the Cheraw District, SC. Pension was granted at around age 70 in Mecklenburg Co., VA, 1832. Bounty Land Warrant 26266 granted in Mecklenburg in 1855 at age 94. F-S5533 R1268

Hicks, Henry: b. 6/2/1758 Charles City Co., VA; entered service from Cumberland Co., VA 1775; Applied for Pension in Rabun Co., GA in 1834 - pension rejected. F-R4962 R1268

Hicks, Joel: entered service from Hanover Co., VA where he was born 10/21/1765. Was a resident of Ablemarle Co., VA after the Revolutionary War. In 1809, resided in Hawkins Co., TN were he was pensioned in 1833. He was later investigated by the U.S. Attorney and it was determined he was never a Rev. War Soldier and his name was dropped from the pension rolls in 1836. A query letter from a descendant by the name of Miss Byrd Blankenship, from Atlanta, GA is in the pension files. F-S4365 R1269

Hicks, John: b. 3/12/1759 in Henrico Co, VA. Entered service 1776 from Cumberland Co., VA where he resided. Entered service 1777 Botetourt Co., VA where he resided; entered service 1779 from Washington Co., VA. He was a resident in VA to 1830, then to Washington Co., IN where he was pensioned in 1833. In 1839, he was a resident of Hawkins Co., TN with a son mentioned but not named; A query letter from 1927 from descendant D.C. Wells Ray of Corinth, MS states that the soldier married Lavinia Cole and she survived him. F-S1528 R1269

Hicks, John: Entered service in 1778 in VA. Pensioned at age 63 in Monroe Co., OH. Resident there in 1820, occupation farmer, with a wife age 45 and the following children: Benjamin, age 24, William, 16, Maria, 14, Betsey, 12, Matthew, 9, Jeremiah, 7 & Joseph, 3. F-S41638 R1269

Hicks, Meshack, entered service from Goochland Co., VA. Died there. Married there Elizabeth Moreland, who applied for bounty land warrant there in 1855 at age 87. Action on application not shown. F-BL Register 226005 R1269

Hicks, Miles: b. 10/18/1763, Bruswick co., VA; entered service in 1780 from Henry Co., VA. Pensioned 1833 in Franklin Co., NC. died 3/9/43 in Mecklenburg Co., VA; married (1) ? in Brunswick Co., VA; md (2) c 11/15/1815 or 1819 Maria Johnson, Franklin Co., NC; widow pension at age 56 in Warren Co., NC in 1853; BLW26785 granted there in 1855. F-W758 R1269

Hicks, Solomon: born on Dan River, VA; entered service at age 14-15 in SC; later entered service from Surry Co, NC, when he resided on Yadkin River; resided in that County after the Rev. War, then to SC, then to Franklin Co., GA for 18 years and then to Livingston Co., KY where he was pensioned in 1832 at age 74-75 when resided there 16 years. F-S31128 R1269

Hicks, William: entered service 1776 in Spotsylvania Co, VA; pensioned at age 72 in Greene Co., AL, in 1829 when resided there for about 5 years. His wife at the time was deceased and his married children are mentioned, but not named. A letter of query was received dated 1933 from descendant Connie (Mrs. C.G.) Spencer of Selma, AL, who was also a descendant of Barfield Jackson and wife Ellen Noble and also a descendant of War of 1812 soldiers James and John Craig of SC. F-S38027 R1269

Hicks, William: entered service in 1781 from Goochland Co., VA; pensioned there in 1818 at age 73. Was a resident there in 1820 with wife Ann, age 73. Resident there in 1829; grandchildren are mentioned but not named. A letter of query was received in 1912 from Annas Stout, Georgetown, KY, descendant of VA Rev War soldier William Hicks, who md. 5/11/1778 Mary Elizabeth Harris, Goochland Co., VA. He died in KY, possibly in Woodford Co. F-S7016 R1269

Hicks, William: entered service in 1776 in Berkeley Co., VA; pensioned at age 66 in Fayette Co., KY in 1818; resided there in 1820 with wife, daughter age 18 and grandchild age 5 or 6; died 11/20/22 in Jessamine Co., KY F-S35410 R1269

Hicks, William: entered service in 1776 VA; pensioned about age 62 in Garrard Co., KY in 1818; died there in 1822; married 1/2/1784 Mary Swanger; widow pensioned at age 72 in Jessamine Co, KY in 1838; she died there 8/24/47; daughter Suffiah (widow of Edward Combs, who died 10/1825), b. 9/20/1790 as the 4th child, resided 1838 in Jessamine Co, KY. Other children's births: Moses 9/7/86, Abraham 10/30/88, Samuel 1/16/92, William 12/4/94 and Abigail 5/20/96; in 1847 John Cornman Sr. was the administrator of the soldier's widow's estate. F-W8931 R1269

Hix, Farthing: b 11/20/1760 in Pittsylvania Co., VA; moved when a child with father to Hanover Co, VA, where soldier entered service in 1790. Moved in 1783 to Bedford Co., VA, then in 1818 to Patrick Co., VA where he was pensioned in 1832. F-S5534 R1291

From "VA/WV Genealogical Data From Revolutionary War Pension & Bounty Land Warrant Records", Vol. II, compiled by Patrick G. Wardell, Lt. Co., U.S. Army Retired

From "Soldiery of West Virginia" by Virgil A. Lewis (originally published 1911):

Riflemen Commanded by Capt. Abraham Shepherd raised in Berkeley County, VA (now WV): William Hix, Pvt, enlisted 7 Aug 1776. Terms of Service: 4 months, 24 days. Pay in dollars: 32

Josiah Meadows is listed in this book as a Revolutionary War Pensioner of WV. He can be found in Mercer County living with someone by the cute name of "Green Meadows". The Census was taken June 1, 1840. Green can be found in Estill County, KY in 1850.

From the book "Revolutionary Soldiers Buried in Illinois" by Mrs. Harriet J. Walker, pg. 125 (Library of Congress Catalog Card #67-28602) comes this item:

"John Hiltebrand and David Hix were soldiers under Clark. Coming to Illinois in 1780, they settled on the east side of Kaskaskia River near the mouth of Nine-Mile Creek, where they doubtless died."

From "Soldiers of the Revolution Buried in Illinois" pub. 1975 by the Illinois State Genealogical Society:

David Hicks: b. in Virginia d. December 14, 1834

buried: Hicks Cemetery, or White Hall cemetery, White Hall, Greene County, Illinois; Government Headstone

Service: Sergeant: Virginia. He had service both in the Virginia Militia and in Crockett's Regiment in 1777. He came to Kaskaskia with Col. George Rogers Clark.

David Hix: Died Randolph County, IL. Residences; He came to Illinois in 1780 and settled on the east side of the Kaskaskia River, near the mouth of Nine-Mile Creek.

Service; Soldier: Virginia. Soldier under Col. George Rogers Clark.

Marker: His name is on a bronze marker on the grounds of Spart ___ at Sparta, placed by Fort Chartres Chapter DAR, 1934.

James Hicks: Died 1825. Buried: George Doty Farm Cemetery, Oraville, Jackson County, Illinois

There is no information on Mordecai Hicks in either of these books.

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