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Below is the homestead of Sarah Strole Garwood and Charles Elbert Garwood

This picture was probably taken around 1895 and we figure that date by the appearance of the little girl Martha Garwood in this picture. I have her death date at c.1897. According to the source of this picture (Marilynn ___?) she was killed by a tree that fell on her.

Charles Garwood died January 8, 1891 (source: Newton Press).

Names of the folks in this picture are as follows, from left to right

Thomas Garwood, Clara Garwood, Martha Garwood, Sarah Elizabeth Strole Garwood and Nora Garwood

Many thanks to Leah Davis for this picture!!

Lydia Printz Strole
My gg-gm and 2nd wife of Albert Strole

Daughter of Solomon Printz & Sarah Kibler
See her obit


Albert Harrison Strole [See his obit ] and Lydia Printz Strole (Seated in the middle). This picture was taken some time before 1906

Children are from Albert's first wife, Mary Ann Koontz

Back Row, L to R: (1) Laura Virginia Strole Hicks; (2) Nancy Jane Strole Isley (3) Julia Strole McDaniel, (4) Sarah Strole Garwood; (5) Malinda Strole Wilson .

Seated: Andrew J. Strole, Albert Strole, Lydia Printz Strole, John V. Strole

[Many thanks to Archie Strole for this picture]

John V. Strole
One of Albert's 25 kids

John descends from first wife, Mary Ann Koontz
See his obit

Lillian Strole Hicks Daniels

age 50 (c. 1924)

My great-grandmother
One of Albert Strole's 25 kids

Descended from Albert's 2nd wife Lydia Printz

Thanks to Karen Hicks for this picture

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